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Comenius Project 2009-2011


Poland (May 2011)

Our meetings have finished.Poland was the last one. An unforgettable week with our partners from Poland, Turkey, Italy and Spain. Here you can see some pictures of our meeting in Poland.


Day 1 - Weekend in Warsaw (20th-23rd of May)

Before we start the meeting, we spend a weekend in Warsaw with our mates from other schools. A great opportunity to know the capital of Poland with our school partners. One curiosity we must know about this capital is that is was destroyed in a high percentage (80%) in the II World War


Castle Square with the Royal Palace
and Sigismund´s Column

Sawa Mermaid (Located in Old Town Market Place)
Symbol of Warsaw (the name of the city in Polish "Warsawa" comes from this mermaid)

Warsaw Barbican (1548 d.C)

Nicolaus Copernicus Statue.
His name in Polish is Mikołaj Kopernik and he was the most important Polish Renaissance astronomer.
He is considered to be the founder of the modern astronomy

Panoramic View of Warsaw
This fantastic view was taken from the Palace of Culture and Science

The Pope John Paul II is one of the most important well known person in Poland. 
You can see pictures and statues of him through the whole Poland

St. John´s Cathedral (XIV century)

A wonderful view of some typical Warsaw buildings.

Presidential Palace (with equestrian statue of Prince Jósef Poniatowski)

Chopin´s Heart (Holy Cross Church)

Palace of Culture and Science is the tallest building in Poland. 
A gift from the Soviet Union to the people of Poland. 
The original name of the building was Joseph Stalin Palace of Culture and Science

Second World War Museum


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